Our Holiday Gratitude List

Wow – what a year 2018 has been! On the world stage, it started off with a bang with some amazing Olympic Winter games and was followed by a possibly even more exciting World Cup – not to mention all sorts of interesting political developments across the globe (to Brexit or not to Brexit…). On a national stage, much of the later part of the year was dominated by some horrendous wildfires, particularly in California. And although technology is continuing to advance at a rapid pace, science still can’t prove that candy corns are bad. Oh well, there’s always 2019! 

At Joy Accounting, 2018 was also a landmark year. We had a fantastic time meeting together as a team at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose. We continued to partner with small businesses to help them get to the next level. And we had a great time doing it! 

Those of you who know me (Nate) may also know that I love a good top 10 list. Read on for our Top 10 things we at Joy Accounting are grateful for as we close the book on 2018! 

10.  Technology that enables our remote team to connect as if we were in person. We utilize Zoom and Slack every day and are constantly working through daily challenges together and implementing solutions for our clients. And we can do it all in our sweat pants (if we so choose…). 

9. From our unbelievably amazing Accountant Kris: “Having a job that’s always interesting and consistently offers new challenges.” 

8. The ability to do life together with my incredible wife Terra (this one is from me obviously). Many couples don’t get to (or want to) see each other for large parts of the week since they are working in different locations. For most of the last year Terra and I have been working together from our home, and we use that time to brainstorm ways to take both our business and our clients’ businesses to the next level. It is truly a treat!

7. From our rock-star Lead Accountant Adrienne: “Having a flexible job that allows me to be the mom my kid needs.” (Adrienne, that seriously melts our hearts.)

6. The ability to design our business in a way that we’re able to pursue our interests and have a high quality of life. What this means practically is different for everyone on the team. For Terra and I, this means the ability to travel while still providing exceptional service. In 2018 we experienced two enormous bison casually walking through our campsite in Yellowstone, explored tremendous restaurants and locations in France, visited family in Montana and Colorado, and revisited the place I asked Terra to marry me 15 years ago (pictures below). And we did all of this while not missing a beat with our clients!

5. The opportunity to expand our horizons and branch out into new sectors that match with our passion. Recently we’ve taken on our first client in the Non-Profit sector! In one of Terra’s QuickBooks Connect classes, she heard an inspiring quote: “When a small business fails, it’s a family tragedy. When a non-profit fails, it’s a community tragedy.” This quote perfectly sums up why we have such a passion for small businesses in general; it is so difficult to manage a small business alone and we love partnering in a way that makes success more likely. This quote also shows why we are interested in moving further into the non-profit sector – non-profits are often the fabric that weaves a community together. 

4. Another one from Kris: “Feeling like I’m making a difference in the lives of my clients.”

3. Another one from Adrienne: “Having coworkers that are encouraging, collaborative, and fun.”

2. From our spectacularly talented Accountant Laura: “It comes down to our clients. They are amazing. It is so great to see our partnership with them help lead to their success.”

What is #1, you ask? Our team. Terra and I are so grateful for our team and proud of the work that they do. I cannot overstate the importance of hiring only the best; smart people who share your vision and passion. We have this at Joy Accounting – every one of our teammates are truly partners, from initial vision to the ultimate execution. Adrienne, Laura, Kris – thank you so much for everything you do!!!


About Nate Joy

Nate is the Co-founder and Owner along with his wife Terra. Nate joined the team full-time in Spring 2017 with 10+ years of Project Management/Business Analysis experience. He works with clients on process improvement and software implementation.

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