Accounting and bookkeeping can be overwhelming and frustrating for both business owners and staff. Let us help ease this burden and set your mind at ease.


If you’re like most of the business owners or managers we work with, you value your time. We help tackle your accounting so you can get your time back.


Our accounting and bookkeeping services help you eliminate financial and bookkeeping errors so that you’re reporting is as accurate as possible.

Joy Accounting Services is a reputable group of professional bookkeepers and accountants. We are a bookkeeping and consulting company serving clients in the Seattle metro area and beyond. We also offer payroll and accounting services such as setup and training for Quickbooks.

What our clients say

"Joy Accounting has made a huge difference in my business! As a small business owner, there are so many responsibilities and I was struggling to keep up with the bookkeeping side of things, especially when it came to keeping track of outstanding invoices and profitability. Since using Joy Accounting, our books are very organized. I'm able to see what's owed to us at any given time and our profitability doubled in just over a year! The Joy Accounting team is friendly and helpful whenever I have questions and they are continually helping me implement new processes or apps that can help streamline my business even further. I've already recommended their services to fellow small business owners after seeing what a difference Joy Accounting can make!" Aaron Ethington | AJ's Home Improvements, LLC
"I'm a General Contractor, and from the moment I wake up I’m working with Owners, Subcontractors, and internal employees to make sure that all roadblocks are removed from my projects. I simply don’t have time to do it all. I can’t stress enough how crucial Joy Accounting is to my success. Terra and team serve as my back-office virtual Accounting team, covering everything from bookkeeping to software implementation assistance to HR management. Joy Accounting is more than my Accountant, they are an essential business partner.” Paul Ribary | JPR Contruction
“Joy Accounting provides the efficient and tailored support our small business needs to stay out of the weeds and keep focused on our own clients. They help save dozens of hours each quarter, and have resolved several nasty issues which if left unaddressed could have caused real problems. Their team is prompt, skilled and and a genuine pleasure to work with. We can absolutely recommend their services to any business, whether just starting out or already well established. Don't go it alone -- get support.” Daylon Hawkins | Cultivated Canines
"Thank you Joy Accounting for always being there for me! I have been with Joy Accounting for several years now and really appreciate the way that they have been able to adapt and either take on what I’ve asked for or helped find the right option for me as I’ve grown. Thanks again!” Kris Trees | Strictly Tile
“Terra is so smart and able to adapt quickly, jumping in to help get projects completed timely and accurately. She works independently while effectively integrating with members inside the accounting department as well as others in the company, asking the right questions at the right time, while consistently delivering great work.” Terrie Andersen | Dowbuilt

Joy Accounting Services

Expert accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses in the Seattle Metro Area and beyond.

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